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Proven technology platform, over 100 Million dispatched bookings!

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Great dispatching at a low cost

GigaDispatch believes in offering a state of the art transport solution at a price so low that anyone can afford it. We are making digital dispatch available for everyone.
GigaDispatch's cloud-based dispatch system is based on a platform used by thousands of transportation companies. Our system has proven to be very reliable.
GigaDispatch's system offers multiple booking channels like online booking, app bookings and bookings through phone calls. 

We provide a complete end-to-end software with all the tools you need to manage your transportation business and grow. With custom reports, invoicing, business analytics, and more, our system simplifies your daily operations so you can easily manage your business with an all-in-one solution.

Who can use GigaDispatch's dispatch and booking solution?

Any ground transportation company who wants to be able to track their vehicles and/or dispatch and handle bookings will have great use of GigaDispatch's cloud dispatch and booking solution.

The most typical user is a taxi, private hire or limo company, but our system is very useful for many other businesses too, for example courier companies, food delivery companies, shipping companies and road assistance companies.

GigaDispatch is currently available in all countries in Africa and in most countries in Asia.

We will soon be available in more countries, so please send us a message if you want GigaDispatch to be available in a particular country.

Why should I choose GigaDispatch's dispatch and booking solution?

If you want to make your business more cost efficient and grow your business by attracting more customers by adding more booking channels, then GigaDispatch has got the solution for you at the most competitive prices.

Why should I start using GigaDispatch's services now?

GigaDispatch believes in rewarding early customers and we do it by offering great discount.

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