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Great dispatching at a low cost

GigaDispatch believes in offering a state of the art transport solution at a price so low that anyone can afford it. We are making digital dispatch available for everyone.

GigaDispatch's cloud-based dispatch system is based on a platform used by thousands of transportation companies. Our system has proven to be very reliable.

GigaDispatch's system offers multiple booking channels like online booking, app bookings and bookings through phone calls. 


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Any transportation company who wants to be able to track their vehicles and/or dispatch and handle bookings will have great use of GigaDispatch's cloud dispatch and booking solution.

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The secret behind our low cost

GigaDispatch is using a very efficient platform, which together with smart mapping solutions, allows us to offer such competitive price.

We feel confident that there is no other similar product with the same quality even close to our low fees.

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